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An Anthology of the Teachings And Remedies of Hanna Kroeger

Compiled by: Holly Vest

Illustrated by: Alberto Kroeger

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Hanna Readings

Psychometric Aura (Saliva) Readings & Health Consultations


Welcome to Hanna Readings. You have found a unique approach to self health care and natural healing techniques developed by Hanna Kroeger. Hanna Readings is a service offering alternative healing solutions. After examining your saliva sample, we can recommend natural remedies for all types of health concerns. There are so many different alternative health care options available: hair analysis, urine test, blood tests, iris analysis, even other types of saliva tests.


What does Hanna Readings offer that the others don't? 


We will tell you where the energies are low in the body AND what natural remedies are available to correct your condition or health concern! Hanna Kroeger developed very unique, pure, natural remedies that were divinely inspired for all types of health conditions and more!  These remedies do not contain solvents, additives, fillers, dyes or any artificle ingredients and they work. Saliva readings are available for adults, children and pets.


Our goal is to help others restore perfect health and provide education to help you stay healthly.  You can do it!  You can heal your body.

Learn More About:

The 7 Causes of Ill Health

Your Organs & Systems

Tips For Good Health

Learn what you can do to correct:
Alzheimer's Disease

Breast Cancer

Candida Fungus
Chronic Fatigue
Environmental Toxins
Eye Problems
Hepatitis (A, B & C)
Inoculation Residues
Parasite Infections
Parkinson's Disease
Prostate Trouble

Sinus Problems

Upcoming Seminars


Sponsor an educational (and fun) 3 day workshop in your area
(for 10 or more people). 



 A Psycho-Metric Aura (Saliva) Reading is not a diagnosis of any disease nor are those recommendations to be taken in place of medications without your physician’s approval. A Saliva Reading does not replace proper medical care.
If conditions persist, see your physician.

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